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How to commission a portrait

Let's get started! ​

Pets are such special parts of our lives. Their unconditional love is unmatched and fills our hearts with joy! A custom, one-of-a-kind pet portrait is a way to remember the love and joy our pets give to us every day. The following is an easy step-by-step instructions to help you through the commissioning process.

1)    Pick the size that works best for your space and budget

2)    Choose a reference photo according to the guidelines below 

3)    Read through the following information

4)    Purchase your portrait on

Sizes and Pricing Digital Painting 

A digital painting is a fantastic alternative to a traditional painting. The advantages of a digital painting are:

  • You can print it or order a print in any size. 

  • Much faster results

  • Can be printed multiple times 

The digital painting will be sent via email. At the request of the customer, prints are available as a separate transaction in the desired format of the customer. (Canvas Print, Archival Paper Print, or Framed Paper Print. Printing can be requested however it is ultimately the responsibility of the customer.  


Pricing available on Etsy listings: Click Here

Should you prefer artwork other than what is offered, requests may be accommodated by the artist for an additional fee.

Reference Photo Guidelines:

The better the quality of your reference photo, the happier you will be with the end result. Lighting, clarity, positioning, and distance are important considerations for a portrait that stands the test of time. For a portrait you’ll cherish, follow these guidelines:

1)    Focus:  choose a photo that offers a clean, clear, and close-up representation of your pet’s face. The entire face should be in focus and large enough to see well.

2)    Angle: be at eye level with your pet, avoid images looking down on or up at your pet’s face.

3)    Lighting: avoid photos with dark shadows. The artist needs to be able to see the details within any darker parts of the face. If you can, photograph your pet outdoors in sunlight. If you’re taking a photo indoors, turn on the lights.

Use the examples below to help you find, or take, a suitable high-quality reference photo.

Keep in mind that professional photographs are not suitable for this purpose due to copyright protection. You should be the photographer.

Background Color and Other Details

Attempting to perfectly match the exact shade of your interior décor can be a frustrating -if not impossible- endeavor. Opting for a complementary color instead is preferable. You might consider what would enhance your pet’s coloring- for example, pets who have tans, browns, and reds would go well with blue or green. For pets with black, white, or grey coloring, consider complementing their eye color with purples, blues, or greens.

Consider whether or not to include your pet’s collar, his or her groomed appearance, maybe the pup’s tongue is hanging out or the cat has one eye half-closed. These specifics will likely matter to you, so you’ll want to examine what is- or is not- included in the photo you choose so that the final painting truly reflects what you want.

You’re Ready!

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