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About the Artist 

My Journey into Portrait Artistry 

Capturing a memory in an image is a timeless desire of human nature dating back to the first signs of human life. I have always been fascinated by portrait artists' ability to capture not only the likeness of a person or animal but the personality and emotion of the subject.


My passion for portrait artistry began when I was a young girl. I would draw and paint pictures of my family, friends, and pets to give as holiday and birthday presents. However, I never thought of myself as an artist until later in my high school years. 


In High school, my art teacher took a special interest in helping me realize my artistic talents and build confidence in the work I created. I was selected to draw a picture of our school’s nominee for the Basketball Hall of Fame. From there I began taking my artwork seriously and practiced drawing and painting portraits any chance I could. 


Fast forward to today. After pursuing another passion of mine for several years, I picked up my paintbrush again to paint a portrait of my beloved dog Lilo. I posted a picture of my painting on Facebook and from there I received many inquiries about painting portraits for my friends and family. 


Today I specialize in digital animal and people portraits. My hope is that the portraits I create today will help the memories live on immortalized in brush strokes of artwork. 

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